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Since 1968, Cylinder Heads International has grown into one of the largest cylinder head remanufacturers in the nation. Thanks to thousands of loyal customers, we are able to have hundreds of heads in stock for domestic and import models. Many companies sell heads, but we strive to exceed your expectations by offering some things that others don't.

    No up-front core charge
    All complete cores accepted

 You MUST return your old head using the pre-paid shipping label (included) within 30 days to avoid being charged an additional fee. As long as you send us your old head within 30 days there will be no core charge. Many rebuilder will examine your old head and charge you if they feel it is not rebuildable we will never do that, all we require is that you send it to us within 30 days......Its easy and fast.

    Equal to, or better than a new cylinder head

Some heads are durable, others are not. The sheer number of heads we deal with creates an extensive knowledge base over time, and we have learned that many factory heads have inherent weak points. In most cases we are able to "beef up" the head by welding up thin areas and relieving metal prone to fatigue to prevent cracking.

    All work done on-site

We understand that you are probably not too thrilled about needing a cylinder head. With over 30 years of growth and experience as a family-run business, Cylinder Heads International is here to help.

None of our work is outsourced and we are not a reseller. All machining is done at our facility with our equipment by our technicians. The buck begins and stops here, and we sell around 1500 heads a month. Cylinder heads are all we deal with, period.